Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn things to think about......

This is a rug inside the shop Tasuti Zoo and it seemed like a good one to start today's blog with. Wouldn't this be cute in a quilt? You could do the witch's feet and say "WIPE YOUR FEET"
I love the new fabrics that are Halloween this year....a group of friend and I are trading Halloween Witches. We should each have 14 and it will be alot of fun to have a whole quilt done with them. Any ideas of what a witch would say surrounded by her girlfriend witches? I would love to have it done for Halloween this year but I don't see that happening.....maybe......
Below is a photo of a witch that Wendy Price or Sandy Fisher made....they were the ones that got our group going on these silly witches...poor things, no hair and no broom....
I was looking through photos and thinking of Fall and decided I would download a few. I always loved this sunflower...it made me want to do ceramics...but it would make a keen quilt block too!
I had an owl swap on my Yahoogroups (Marylouweidman) chatroom and here are some of the owls that someone made to swap...aren't these wonderful and so much like Autumn! Who,Who,Hoo. Come and join us for the block swaps, I am working on a book and am sharing some of my designs to give people a chance to hoochy, easy piece for fun and sharing.

Below is an Autumn angel I made sitting on a pumpkin....I like dark reds for backgrounds and turquoises with oranges for Fall....scrappy is wonderful if you know what kinds of scraps to buy.....
I am adding this little bee I put onto a quilt....the bees seem to be all over this time of year, trying to finish up and get ready for winter...that is if you live where I do....
Dark backgrounds (plaids) make for great Fall quilts with whimsical things in them for fun....there has to be an Autumn story quilt just waiting to come out that wants to be told and all you need to do is get some fabric, some simple ideas and jump in! All of my books tell you how to do it and if you have taken a workshop from me, you have a good idea how to approach this! Having a cheery attitude comes first and then action comes second.
Wanted to mention some of the plaids I have for sale on my site and more that will be added soon that were just released....Plaids are light givers and you will find many light givers on my site because that is what i design...I know what works well in quilts and these do! Fun!


  1. I haven't had the time to make anything for fall yet. I am so far behind and so slow these days, that I thought I better just go for Christmas before it is too late, lol.


  2. Wendy Price's friendship group did the witch exchange last year. It turned out really cute and I know yours will too!