Saturday, September 17, 2011

Autumn Serves Up Beautiful Colors and Ideas for Fall Quilts!

I always loved this photo I took at Freddy Moran's house in the Autumn. She had this quilted tablecloth, a super face bowl and little pumpkins and it just looked so charming,,,great colors and textures....
Buying pumpkins and things from the harvest is always big on my list as long as some of my family is there to enjoy along with me. The colors of the different oranges and greens and tans are all so beautiful and the shapes of the harvest are all so different as you can see from the following photos....
Even a bowl of limes next to a few pumpkins is gorgeous and limes in a clear vase are wonderful to look at!
Hoochy Mama quilting or easy piecing can make up any kind of theme and the theme of Autumn was easy and fun. If you have the Flower Power book, you can find a pretty cool pumpkin and crow in there to create from. Having a starting place is half the battle!


  1. Love the black behind the leaves, really stands out nicely with the green background. I have decided to skip fall and go for christmas, lol. I am so slow and I have lots of things I want to make and gifts, so hopefully if I start now, I can finish them all in time.


  2. Great crow Mary Lou, maybe we need a crow swap?

    The pumpkin and leaves are also great.

    You are soo inspirational in your whimsy and design.

  3. Those pictures were taken by someone with an artist's eye. I wish I had that gift.