Saturday, September 3, 2011

TEA at Queen Mary's Tea Room in Seattle,Susan Typpi shares a Story Quilt Time with her Granddaughter-Lovely!

 My friend Susan has a Granddaughter who loves pretty dresses, ballet and the fine things of life-Susan took her to tea and this will make a wonderful quilt. Susan is my flight attendant friend who makes fabulous story quilts and is one of the best cooks in the world and she is very nice too as many of you can attest! Susan lives in Seattle.
 I didn't see any peanut butter or sloppy joes here-it is too classy for me and my Grandkids. :0) Besides, I have no cool hat-isn't her hat darling?


  1. Having tea with a granddaughter! There couldn't possibly be anything more fun in my book!

  2. What a fun place to take a little princess.
    I am not the fancy type, just as long as they have good food and clean tables, lol.


  3. Hi Mary Lou! I have received my new book that I ordered from you and thank you so much for signing it for me. It makes it really special!