Monday, September 26, 2011

A funny story about my friend the teacher when she was new.....

    It was in the Fall and they had a teacher's meeting and several teachers talked about this kid (little) that was trouble. So my friend (the music teacher) was ready for him. It was the day of the Halloween party and they had music in the morning and the boy started acting up.

My friend walked over said "get your chair and move into the closet!"
"You are NOT going to act naughty in my class!" And she shut the door and preceded to teach the music class.

    Later that afternoon, she went to get her coat to go home and there sat the poor kid  and he started to cry and said "did I miss the party?"
She hugged him and said "yes." And she waited to get pulled in and fired.
No one ever said a word about it and the kid was as good as gold the rest of the year. Haha.
Now there is a story quilt idea!

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