Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Easy Piecing Hoochy Style for FUN

My group of chatroom friend on Yahoo have been swapping easy pieced blocks for over a year now and it is fun to see how a simple pattern I send them can be changed into original and creative blocks for the swap. We have 36 people swapping fish now.
I am posting three blocks that people sent me out of kindness. I wasn't in the bird swap which I regret. They are fabulous! Dawn, my friend too pity on me and send me two wonderful birds. I love them. Miki sent me this fish this week which was very thoughtful and so appreciated. Aren't these blocks cool? Imagine getting an envelope full of different blocks for a creative, colorful and original quilt. So fun! Join Yahoo groups and type in my name or send me a note that you want to beong to the chat room. The biggest bonus is the people who share in there and the friendships that are made. Sincerely, we have made fabulous friends in there and you can too as well as these great blocks!


  1. I love the fish with the patchwork, fun idea. Reminds me, I have some cats and dog blocks I did like that, so time to put them together and finish that one.


  2. Great, great fun! I am a member/lurker on your yahoo group and you are all fabulous and creative and it is such fun to read. I loved the fish challenge and made one on my own and donated it to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. I am so inspired by all of you and just want to remind you all that even when we are not always able to join in or comment, you are so appreciated and encourage us all to create anew!